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Review: The Infected by Michelle Pickett

The Infected (PODs #2)
Author: Michelle Pickett
Publisher: Hayes Publications
Publication Date: October 12, 2015
Pages: 364
Format: Kindle

From the author of the award winning Unspeakable, and the best selling PODs, comes the highly anticipated sequel to PODs. A world where death stalks the unsuspecting, and this time even the PODs might not save them.

A virus nearly wiped out humankind...

Months have passed since a human infection has been reported. Survivors of the deadly pandemic have finally started to build a life in a world left devastated by plague.

Ironically, for nineteen-year-old Eva, life made more sense when she battled the deadly Infected than it does in the serenity of her new home in Rosewood. Separated from fiancé and former POD-mate, David, after an impossible ultimatum, Eva finds her life a little lonely and a lot confusing.

But as troubled as Eva’s life is, it's about to take a turn for the worse as untold dangers watch and wait for the right moment to attack…

The virus refuses to die quietly.

Review: I'm SOOOOOO happy this finally came out! I loved PODs and I seriously couldn't wait for the next installment! The Infected lived up to my expectations! I really like how there is a genuine picture of an infected on the cover of the book. Blue veins and everything! I know a lot of people said the blurb for PODs gave away a lot of the story and I can say that the blurb for The Infected definitely doesn't! In fact, the blurb is only a tiny piece of the story. 

I had a love hate feeling for David in this book. If you recall from my review of PODs, I actually really liked his character. I ended up not liking him about a chapter in to this book and I felt like that for over half the book. Some stuff happens in between when PODs ended and The Infected starts that is explained in the first chapter that really changed how I felt about David for a while. Eventually I came back to liking him again, but not as much as I did in PODs. I also really enjoyed Eva's development in this story. She decided that absolutely no one was going to tell her what to do or how to do it and I loved it! She gets told to stay behind on a mission while the boys handle it or not to take on the infected and she says HECK NO! She stood up for herself and showed the men just what she was capable of doing and how well she was capable of doing it. 

We also got to get to know some new characters such as Devlin and his sister Jessica and some other people from Rosewood, the village Eva was assigned to live in. Devlin was generally a nice guy and I quite enjoyed getting to know more about him throughout the book. I also enjoyed the friendship he formed with Eva. We also got to see more of Tiffany and George and see how their relationship has grown and developed. 

I have to say the story went in a different direction than I was expecting. I was not expecting David and Eva and the group that got stuck outside of Rosewood to make a trip to the main settlement to get stuff. I was also not expecting them not to just up and leave Rosewood for good so easily. I was expecting a little more time and thought to be put in that decision. I was also surprised at how many people decided to leave with Eva and David and their group. It's really sad when so many people put their faith in a 19 and 20 year old over the military. That says something. 

I have to say I was super happy with the ending! Eva got something back that is so precious to her and I couldn't be happier! And Eva and David finally got their happiness as well after all that happened throughout the book.

5 Stars!


  1. I think I have heard of the PODs series before, but I cannot be sure. Anyway, you have made The Infected sound so interesting, and how amazing that it stood up to your expectations. Wonderful review, Brittani!

    Sarika @ The Readdicts

  2. Ohmigosh, I want to hug you. Thank you so much for such an awesome review. I'm really glad (and relieved) it lived up to expectations--sometimes it's hard for a sequel to do that.

    Michelle <3


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